September 25, 2015

Bohemian Rhapsody

For the last month and a half, I swear the stars aligned to mess with my head. My schedule became so tight, that more often than not I had to literally run from one appointment to another. All at the same time, I started statistics classes (so that I could pass my exam), I became web journalist for HB and my colleague went to vacation for two weeks so I had more job to do than ever before (and that's just a part of what was going on). Speaking of tight timetable, I had to squeeze my bday celebration in 3 hours straught! Literally, I had three hours before I had to rush to statistics class. There were many moments when I would laugh at my rotten luck. I didn't even get annoyed, it was beyond ridiculous the way Marfi screwed with me. Finally, it coincided that Harper's BAZAAR first anniversary party was the night before my exam... like seriously? Who's doing that to me and why? Before, I would go bananas and cancel everything, but not anymore. Party the night before an important exam? Challenge accepted! Of course I passed it (like a boss)! Go ahead Marfi, what else do you have in store for me? I can take anything!

September 17, 2015

Golden hour

This skirt is made of perforated suede, and too bad you can't see it well in these pics, because it looks amazing! This is a great example of an outfit that can take you from day to night. I wore this to work, with flats and a cardigan thrown over my shoulders, and then switched to nude heels and a fancier bag for moms bday lunch, as you can see in pictures. 

September 10, 2015

On the Rocks

aleksandra skorupan, velvet and milk blog, greece, beach style
aleksandra skorupan, velvet and milk blog, greece, beach style
With the last set of photos from Greece, I'm taking a moment to appreciate the fact that in this exhausting year, I did have 10 days of complete relaxation and joy. If it looks like I'm constantly complaining, I'm not. I'm just amazed by how much my capacities surpassed my own expectations, and how far determination can take you. If September is a beginning of a new cycle, I can tell it's going to be a good one!
Enjoy my favorite set of photos, taken on my favorite beach, by my favorite person in the whole world! ♥

September 07, 2015

Gnezdo Organic

Monday is a great day for new beginnings, so today I'm starting a new category on the blog! I've already mentioned that there's much I want to do, and a lot of it has to do with taking this online place of mine to another level. 'Cool places' is a category that's been on my mind for a long time, because Belgrade is becoming more and more rich with really cool restaurants and coffee shops, and I'm a sucker for these. I'll start these series with one great concept- Gnezdo Organic restaurant - go ahead and read bellow what they have to say!

September 04, 2015

New chapter

aleksandra skorupan, velvet and milk blog, street style, culottes, harpers bazaar
aleksandra skorupan, velvet and milk blog, street style, culottes, harpers bazaar
One of the things that's been cooking up during August is that I became web journalist at Harper's Bazaar Serbia. Can you imagine how excited I am? No, I don't think you can. It was an opportunity that I just could not miss, so cheers to that!

September 03, 2015

City girl

aleksandra skorupan, velvet and milk blog, street style
vest - Express
shirt - H&M
shorts - H&M
bag - Parfois
sneakers - Adidas
/ph. Stefan/

These days are so weird and confusing. One moment I feel so incredibly inspired and motivated, and just a few hours later I feel completely drained, and all I want is to sleep this tiredness away until I feel like human being again. However, I use those inspired moments as much as I possibly can, I make plans and lists, and write down ideas, I dream and work to make those dreams a reality. There is so much I want to do, and me being me, I want to do everything at the same time, so it takes lots of discipline to keep myself from doing that. Step by step is the way to go. Time flies by too fast anyway, so the future I dream of will arrive in a blink of an eye.
Stay inspired!

September 02, 2015

Pick of the week... silk scarf!

It's always the little details that make the most difference, and give that wow effect. Tiny silk scarves are coming back big time, and for a reason! They'll make any basic outfit chic and bohemian, and très très cool! Choose basic, high-quality garments, and casually throw on your silk scarf - the result is a very chic (and low-maintenance) look, without even trying. 
Oh, and it's a great DIY idea!