October 12, 2015

Guerlain Ne m’Oubliez Pas Perfume - the return of exclusivity

In place and time where everything is mass-producted and available to everyone, new fragrance from Guerlain - Ne m’Oubliez Pas is the last man standing for exclusivity.
This perfume's availability is limited strictly to Champs-Elysées boutique in Paris. In other words, no, you can not buy it online, or anywhere else in the world. As an epitome of exclusivity, Guerlain makes an anti mass-consumtion statement with its hard to get luxurious product. And it's a bold statement in the world of social media and online everything. It's risky but that's what makes Guerlain an icon!
And just as I was banging my head over news such as 'Models taking selfies at D&G fashion show' and 'Reem Acra presents bridal selfie sticks' (it agitates me the way all the designers try to appeal to digital generations - just imagine what it means when a fashion blogger says that!) - Guerlain brings the smile back on my face and hope back into my heart!

Foto credit: monsieurguerlain.com


  1. Super ideja bas mi se dopada borba protiv masovne kupovine

  2. Super ideja bas mi se dopada borba protiv masovne kupovine

  3. Great!
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  4. The bottle is beautiful!

    xo, Liz

  5. Kao ekonomisti, mi jos bolje razumemo celu tu ludnicu xD Divan post :*

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