November 23, 2015

Did you know you were free?

There's this one topic that's been tickling my mind lately for quite some time, and in the light of certain recent events even more so. And the question is - why do we, as women, accept and live up to certain stereotypes? That's a question that is not asked often enough, if at all. On the other hand, what we do hear very often are complaints about women being objectified, women not being treated equal to men and so on. Now, don't get me wrong, I am a feminist by definition. But as a woman and feminist, it saddens me to see what most women set up as their goals and what they aspire to.

 I would dare to say that women of today are quite shallow. Just walk into any drugstore and you'll see that 95% of the beauty and vanity products are designed for women. Yet, there's this popular opinion that this role is somehow imposed on us by the society. That's where we get to 'certain recent events' I mentioned - Essena O'Neil story that went viral. Essena, in her dramatic video confession advocates that social media is 'evil' and somehow it 'makes' you design yourself and your life to be likeable. Honestly, I can't agree on that. We are all free to choose our own aspirations. We are free to choose our idols. To set our own goals. Never have I ever felt the pressure to do my full make-up every single morning, and take pictures in order for people to like me. If I did feel that way, I would consider myself an unstable person.

November 13, 2015

How deep is your love?

Gathering all my strength to end this year in a productive manner (because it really was productive from the beginning). I don't know if this spring that is happening in mid November is helping or making everything worse, because all I want is to just go out and spend all day under the sun, but I keep myself from doing that because the book (and lots of work) are waiting for me, so I just end up sad. It is nice to see sunshine even through the window, but I don't know. I did let myself enjoy the weather for two days of complete zen, and I swear it felt like the world stopped turning. Now I'm thinking about buying a mini zen garden (something like this), but not sure if that would relax me or make me go nuts. Also I want one with white frame, but can't find it anywhere. Confused is what I am these days, indeed, but that's what spring in November does to your head I guess...

November 09, 2015

la vie est belle

I'm in a desperate need of new lens and sun to not be setting at 4p.m. Blogging this way is nearly impossible. However, it's such a beautiful day outside, the weather is perfect, so I feel it's rude to complain about anything today. Seriously, the air is so crisp, the light is incredible, and the sun shines so intensely, you'd think it's the most beautiful spring day, not mid November. Can't help but feel a sudden surge of optimism, hope you feel it too.
Enjoy the photos taken at my favorite spot in town, and have a fabulous Monday!