November 09, 2015

la vie est belle

I'm in a desperate need of new lens and sun to not be setting at 4p.m. Blogging this way is nearly impossible. However, it's such a beautiful day outside, the weather is perfect, so I feel it's rude to complain about anything today. Seriously, the air is so crisp, the light is incredible, and the sun shines so intensely, you'd think it's the most beautiful spring day, not mid November. Can't help but feel a sudden surge of optimism, hope you feel it too.
Enjoy the photos taken at my favorite spot in town, and have a fabulous Monday!

jacket - Zara
turtleneck - Springfield
jeans - Maison Scotch
shoes - Tommy Hilfiger
bag - Parfois
/ph. Nikola ♥♥♥/

1 comment:

  1. These jeans look perfect on you. Love your hairstyle.