December 07, 2015

Knit dress

If I could wear an outfit over and over again during the colder months, it would be this one. And honestly, I'm fighting the urge to actually wear it day after day. Without the coat, it's a three pieces outfit, it easy to get dresses and it's so cozy and warm, while it still has chic vibe. And really you're in a cotton cloud. And on heels. It doesn't get better than that.

Also I wanted to draw your attention to the exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the great Serbian scientist and inventor, Mihajlo Pupin, opened at the Historical Museum of Serbia in Belgrade. The author of this exhibition is Aleksandra Ninković Tasić, and it's incredibly informative and inspiring, and with the use of modern technologies it's an interactive exhibition. It blew my mind that something like this is made in Belgrade (it made me really proud because it's amazing, and made me sad because it's an exception rather than a rule in my city, and also in our schools we learn very little about this amazing Serbian man, which is a shame!!!). However, if you have a chance, I recommend you visit this exhibition, it's opened until February 20, 2016.
Hoping for more things like this to happen in Belgrade and Serbia in the future. People are craving for cultural resurgence!

dress - Parfois
coat - Pull&Bear
bag - Aldo
shoes - Tommy Hilfiger
tights - Calzedonia
/ph. Nikola ♥/


  1. Beautiful outfit! The floral tights go so well with the blue knit dress :) Would wear this just like that!
    Christina ♥

  2. Gorgeous outfit!!

    xo Lauren

  3. Prelepa haljina :)

  4. Love this dress and coat.