December 15, 2015

Salon5, Belgrade

Salon 5 is a small restaurant in the old part of Zemun, placed in a cozy, saloon apartment. It's a mix of a gastronomic concept and a showroom space - with design furniture, art pieces and photographs hanging on the walls, as well as owner's personal collection of books and records on the shelves. It's unlike any other place in Belgrade, and it's ranked #1 in the restaurant scene of Belgrade by Trip Advisor. And there's even more to say about Salon 5...

The place is divided into three rooms. The first one is lounge - it's like a living room where you can warm up with aperitif, relax before or after the meal. You can close the door, and make it more intimate for business meeting, for example. The other two rooms are restaurant spaces, while one is more formal and the other more intimate. Every detail and every piece of furniture is hand picked. You'll finCarlo Scarpa's Bastiano sofa from 1963., Fritz Hansen's Contour chairs from 1956., France & Son armchair and dresser from 1950., Ufficio Anonima Castelli armchair from 1953., as well aMartinelli Luce's 'Space Age' lighting fixtures from the '70s... Art setup changes over time.
Menu is carefully curated yet simple and easily understandable to everyone. Mosty it's italian food, Tuscan for most part. It's seriously delicious, and followed by the selection of wines that compliment the tastes perfectly.
Honestly, I'm not a foodie but their food knocked me off my feet! They are Trip Advisor's #1 for a reason...
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Salon5, Belgrade
Avijatičarski trg 5
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