March 09, 2016

Lace up

Do you believe people can change? I do. I know lots of people who happily accept change, as well as lots of those stubbornly decisive not ever to change if possible. Myself, I have always loved change. I consider my personality to be fluid, constantly changing shape, adapting, carving its path, only keeping the most fundamental principles along the way. I am way too curious not to accept change. Way too restless to remain unchanged.
This year, certain shifts happened spontaneously, some were made wittingly by myself. Some are fundamental, some are trivial, both make me feel excited and happy to be alive and see what is next to come. Most of the time, I don't even notice these changes, fickleness is my second nature. But when I caught myself polishing my new sneakers at 1:21 AM so they can stay shiny white, I had to laugh at myself out loud. I certainly did not see that one coming!

shirt - SheIn
jeans - Scotch&Soda
sneakers - Adidas
bag - Zara


  1. wow, perfect outfit!
    Great shoes <3

  2. love the sneakers!

  3. Love this casual look!