June 09, 2016


Because I'm deluded
and perfectly flawed
I shall live by passion
and not by law

June 06, 2016

light trench

Change. It hits you in the face so hard sometimes, and so suddenly, you wonder how you'll ever get back on your feet. Your world turns upside down, and as much as you'd want, it never goes back to how it was. As much as it is painful, or at least uncomfortable, it's still good. There is no other way to grow. And it's okay to be scared, just don't resist it, because it'll run you over. It's going to happen, and you can't stop it, as long as you're alive, things are going to constantly change and it's inevitable. Go ahead and be scared, panic, scream, just find it in you to pull your shit together and embrace the metamorphosis. It is, anyway, what makes life so incredibly beautiful.