August 29, 2016


dress - Sammy Dress
hat - Aldo
sneakers - Nike Cortez Cherry Blossom
watch - Michael Kors
necklace - H&M
/ph. N♥/

The third piece from Sammy Dress (the first two pieces you saw here and here) was a simple, off shoulder summer dress. The only thing I regret is that it didn't arrive before my Greek vacation, because that would be my beach uniform. It's the easiest thing to slip on, you feel like you're not wearing anything, and it looks really chic with just a few details. Depending on the shoes and accessories you can wear it everywhere - from beach to a night club.
Also, because Mondays are always tough, I have a surprise for you! If you're on a hunt for a simple, chic watch, Barbas & Zac├íri has some gorgeous unisex watches, and they made a discount code you can use to get 15% off as well as free shipping. Just use the code VELVET_MILK. From every sale they donate 5$ for Cancer Research, so it's also for a nice cause.
Have a lovely Monday guys!


  1. You are beautiful, so nice

  2. Love this simplistic look <3

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  3. Haljina je prelepa <3