December 02, 2016


turtleneck - Springfield
pants - Rosegal
shoes - Tommy Hilfiger
bag - Parfois
/ph. Nikola/

I've been looking for a pair of trousers just like these for quite a while - the secret is the perfect dose of business mixed with laid back cool. I can totally imagine myself riding bike to work (now that's a wishful thinking) wearing these pants with a plain white t-shirt and stan smith sneakers. I would wear my hear just like in these pics, and I wouldn't carry a bag or a phone, just a good book. I would ditch work and go to river instead, to read. Now that's what a nice piece of clothing does to you - it makes you dream
Usually I avoid buying pants online, out of fear that I won't be able to squeeze my not-size-zero derrière into them, because size charts are sometimes far from perfect. However I liked these so much that I had to take a chance - luckily size guide on Rosegal site is really helpful, and there's no mistake. The quality is what really surprised me - they look amazing, don't wrinkle and just fit perfectly. It took almost a month for them to arrive, which is fine since the shipping is free. Total win win!

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