March 06, 2017


faux fur coat - Zaful
jeans - Esprit
shoes - Stradivarius
bag - Parfois
/ph Nikola♥/

The last photo gave me away - while this was my actual outfit that day, and not just something I've thrown on for photoshoot, one detail still was just a prop - the little mustard bag. As much as I generally am a fan of small purses for many many reasons, I can't seem to limit myself to their confined space. Carrying only the essentials sounds like a great idea, but it also makes me anxious because I feel like my life depends on all the unnecessary belongings I always drag around. I mean, how could I possibly survive a day without my bottle of water or 5 lipsticks in similar shades that I never really put on?
Besides my relationship with purses that obviously falls under the "it's complicated" category, I wanted to tell you about my absolute favorite item of the winter - this color block faux fur beauty. I didn't have high expectations, but it looks really nice, both in pictures and in real life. I really wanted a colorful faux fur coat, but being aware that it's probably going to be a one season wonder, I decided to go with a more affordable piece. I can totally see myself wearing it next winter too.

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