August 15, 2017

off shoulder bikini

bikini top - Zaful
ph. Nikola

Here's the last bikini from my wishlist, the off shoulder one. As it was the case with the one you saw yesterday, the bottom part was too small for me (size M again), so I wore another bikini bottom that matched the top. The top is amazing, it looks really cool and it's more comfortable to wear than I expected, but this thing with sizes is really annoying. M is my size in most cases (sometimes S), and I did study thoroughly their size chart, making sure I don't make a mistake, but the bottoms are just smaller than you'd expect. Better luck next time, or perhaps when I lose some weight. L-O-L.


  1. This bikini is so cute, off the shoulder stuff never seems to stay up on me though haha!

  2. Good post, love this sharing so much, thank you!